Innovation Acceleration - at scale

We have solutions to commercialize your innovations and intellectual property - 80% faster and more efficiently.  Your current Intellectual Property "solutions" attempt to make the hard parts of IP commercialization easier.  Our two IP solutions simply eliminate the hard parts.  


                                  Load - your assets
                                  Match - 215,000 Buyers
                                  Meet interested Buyers



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IP Transactions

It's more than simply matching buyers & sellers or an online deal room - so we've learned. It's process, marketing, and then the tools.  Let us help you. 


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IP Consulting

Remember, we are entrepreneurs and deal makers too. If your deal, or innovation needs help advancing to close we have a proven method to get it there.  And the experience.


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IP Wire

We have over 4,200 IP transactions to review. is the go-to source for IP transactions insights.

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